Vernissage "Leere Räume"

February 7 2013, 07 PM

Engdaget Legesse

with Lyrics and Music by Viola Livera and Bernhard Schwark 

From there - his painting classes in Addis Ababa - to here - his living and working in Berlin - the artist Engdaget Legesse did not cross international but also his own lines for more than twenty 20 years. In 2008 he began to paint over his old pictures.

It was an irrevocable new beginning without rules. New "empty spaces" developed on the old screens. The new layers created space for simplicity and clarity of thought, work, and also of the form.

The "empty spaces" are as changeable as a freshly renovated flat. The past remains, but is no longer or hardly visible.

The exhibition includes works of the series "Empty Spaces" in the form of paintings, drawings, and one or more objects.