Anywhere is the entry point

Ivor Sias

My work focuses largely on the theme of loss and loneliness. The loss of my grandparents and the most recent loss of my father. This has resulted in drifting from place to place, causing a nomadism which ultimately results in one being very alone. The figures have become my actors on a stage, or another planet - mask-like, silhouettes that remind of somebody or something.

For the sake of interpretation I've chosen "Anywhere is the entry point": This allows one to feel free to enter and exit into a situation, a country or a relationship. But once you've entered or exited what is there? Self-fulfilment? Happiness? Reflection? One never knows and thus the cycle continues.

During Apartheid black people and the so-called coloured and Indian people lost loved ones, lost their land, their homes and even lost their social values thus leaving them and us with memories only. This has created a vacuum an emptiness a loss which cannot be regained or re-attained.

For me as an artist I am constantly trying to regain what was lost. I've created some paintings which invoke states of dealing with these sentiments through paint, using colour. I have chosen the city Berlin as a domicile and reclaim some aspects of what has been lost. It is also the city with a history imbued with loss and represents almost a coming-home experience. Have I come to pick up the baggage for clearance? To start afresh?