<h2>Von dort bis hier<br> - the concept</h2>

Exhibition team: Yvette Mutumba, Dorina Hecht, Regine Wosnitza, Dawit Shanko

Since its foundation, the initiative LISTROS has worked for a change of perspective on topics related to the African continent. Therefore the initiative’s core project, GALLERY LISTROS, chooses an issue-oriented emphasis. Up to now, the gallery has worked with mainly non-African artists in Germany, who deal with Africa-related topics, raising the important question: "How can art by using different strategies reflect social reality?"

The extended concept of the gallery now integrates artists of the African diaspora in Germany. Cooperating with art historians Dorina Hecht and Yvette Mutumba GALLERY LISTROS invites these artists to put an autobiographical focus on their art and examine their personal experiences and development within two cultures.

The exhibition series intends to use these autobiographic presentations and reflections in order to create space for communication and interaction, giving the visitor the chance to develop new perspectives and points of view.

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